How he got into nutrition:
Before studying Nutrition & Yoga, Anastasis served in the special forces as a paratrooper, traded currency derivatives for a German bank for 6 years and picked up a couple of other dopamine-driven hobbies. In 2009 personal waist issues (ie. 8 extra kilos) drove his interest in nutrition starting a long journey of research in the fields of metabolic function and nutrigenomics. In 2015 after following the guidelines of modern healthy eating (ie. vegetarianism, GFD) he developed so many food intolerances he could only eat 5 foods. Using fasting and a gut support protocol he managed to reverse his gut health 180° and is now able to enjoy pizza as much as celery juice.
How he got into yoga:
Anastasis started practicing Yoga in 2008, in the most unorthodox way: an Acroyoga class. He stayed devoted to the practice for 2 year, as he felt a profound impact in his stress levels. His eyes opened to the non-physical aspects of Yoga in 2010 at the 1st Barcelona Yoga Conference. He has studied with guruji Andrey Lappa the founder of Universal Yoga, Patrick McKowen & Wim Hof. He is also a Pilates & Buteyko method instructor.
In 2018 he started teaching the breathing module at HotPodYoga teacher’s training (the main topics are covered in this podcast).

On Media:

Sep ’18 @ The HappyBellyFish Podcast

We covered the therapeutic aspect of fasting, IF progressions and the evidence behind its benefits.

June ’18 @ The Chief Life Podcast

We covered Breathing, Stress resilience and how small lifestyle changes can have an impact in those of us living a Westernised lifestyle.

Apr ’15 @ The Medical LifeWire Article

I covered what genetic polymorphisms mean for our health and how sequencing our DNA can help us personalise our diet based according to our genetic make up.