Anastasis’ approach to nutrition is balanced between 2 realities:

(a) Our individual uniqueness; which depends on our health history, genetic predisposition, ethical believes, emotional relationship with food and current stage of our life.

(b) The fact that we are all susceptible to the same laws of nature and the consequences they have to our biochemistry.

He believes that as our relationship with food is long-standing (going back to our prenatal time) and in order to achieve sustainable changes we need to invest time and gradually build a series of new dietary habits. He has no doubt that by improving one’s relationship with food a knock on effect to all area’s of life will follow.

Private Consultations

Private consultations are available online via Facetime/Skype and can be structured according to your goals and lifestyle. When necessary laboratory tests can be ordered to identify biochemical imbalances (for more info). As a registered Nutrigenomics Consultant with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy he will be able to analyse your DNA and advise you on the implications it has to your diet.

If you want to book a consultation please send me a message with your goals and availability.

Initial Consultation (1 hour): £95
Follow ups (30 mins): £255 (3 months) £480 (6 months) £900 (1 year)


I am currently in the process of updating the nutrigenomic reports I am providing to. The 1st one is available:

Genetic Report for Sports performance and Mind-Body connection


CoRporATES I worked with:

Clients I worked with:

Anna | Entrepreneur (Jun 18)

“I came to Anastasis with concerns around my skin, weight and energy levels. Having been through a particularly stressful period, my vitiligo had started to spread and having found out I was homozygous for the A1298C MTHFR strand, I was also concerned about methylation and detoxification.

Anastasis was instrumental in helping me refine my supplements programme to achieve regimentation and through DNA testing is helping me understand how to proactively care for my health. In addition, I have lost a lot of weight and my energy levels have significantly improved.

I have worked with many wonderful health practitioners, some of them excellent but never come across someone quite like Anastasis. He has a winning combination of extensive knowledge and impressive research capabilities, high integrity and professionalism alongside a genuine caring attitude.”

Andrea | Yoga teacher (Jan 17)

“The reason I approached you was because my eating, sleeping habits and stress levels were getting out of control. Your nutritional advice has helped in the most stressful time of my life… I took my first session with you a week before I had minor surgery to have a cyst removed. The timely advice you gave me to support my adrenals I feel has helped tremendously. In my second session, you gave me advice on having a cardiovascular and metabolic test since I had open heart surgery as a toddler and have been getting dizzy spells recently.

I would definitely recommend your work to others. Your approach is clear and concise and I receive a lot of reassurance through the Skype calls and emails. I am learning a lot about taking right action to have a healthy gut and lower stress levels. Thank you so much.”

Greg | Personal Trainer (Mar 16)

“All within a 30 minutes skype conversation Anastasis was able to give me fantastic, instantly applicable advice to help me with my issue. He is considerate to your needs, will give you clear as well as objective feedback and will share as much of his knowledge within that time frame. He is conscious (no pun intended), caring and most importantly someone I trust.

He is also the nutritionist I recommend to my clientele.”

Rania | Fashion Designer (Dec 15)

“I was diagnosed with hashimoto hypothyroidism last February. I was very depressed and gaining weight contrary to my usual fit self and was over weight. I read a lot about it and about alternative ways to heal your body; I came across Anastasis and booked to see him.

After our meeting, I immediately felt better and felt I would continue working with him. I followed exactly what he told me, and surprisingly I felt ten times better.  I went again through a period of work and travel stress, so I went off the routine.  I started again feeling down, lazy and fatigued once more, so I went back to see him in London. He did help me to get on track once more, on my last visit. I have decided to work closer with him until,  his advice and methods become a lifestyle of mine.

I feel much better now and I feel that on several levels he is helping me get my health back. I am hoping later, I would not need the thyroid hormones.”