“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates 500BC


Is your diet tailored for your needs?

If you believe that food plays a key role in our health and each of us is unique, it is easy to understand that diet needs to be tailored to the individual. A metabolic test, a detailed case history and the analysis of laboratory & genetic tests will all assist in identifying your ideal diet. A realistic, personalised nutritional and supplemental programme will be prescribed to meet your individual needs (BANT model).

As a registered Nutrigenomics Consultant with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy I will be able to analyse your genetic polymorphism and advise you on the implications they have in your diet.


The Benefits of Nutritional Therapy

While nutrition has been used since the ancient times as a therapeutic tool, Nutritional Therapy (NT) emerged as a science only at the end of the last century. Using the scientific findings of medical research, NT aims to achieve what drugs are developed for but with food. As you eat every day you have the opportunity with each meal to take a step towards or away from health. So why do you need nutritional advice?
• it is based on scientific evidence and can be tailored to your needs

• it can support any type of medical treatment or alternative medicine practice

• it will enhance your understanding of food and allow you to build a lifelong relationship with it

• you will understand there are no good or bad foods, good or bad diets and stop having confusing around the “latest” discoveries

• you will be able identify hormonal and metabolic imbalances through the use of laboratory testing

• you will be able to identify your predisposition for developing many chronic diseases (see bellow)


Nutritional Therapy is used to support

(* patients that undergo treatment for)

Weight Management

Eating Disorders


Hormonal Imbalances

* Cardiovascular Disease

* Cancer

* Autoimmune Conditions

(Hashimotos, Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Vitiligo)

Consultation Prices

Initial Consultation: £80 (1 hour)
Follow ups: £70 (45 mins)

Consultations take place online via Skype or Facetime on Tuesdays. In special cases in person consultations can be scheduled.

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