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Coming up workshops

“ICE Yoga • workshop”

Sat 26th of May 10:00-14:00 at Light Centre Monument


In this workshop WHM instructors Anastasis and Jaakko will teach you how to use your breath to control your Autonomic Nervous System + you will practice what yogis have been practicing for thousand of years: ice baths!

“Inverted Backbends” (together with Catie Foroughi)

Sat 2rd of June 13:00-15:00 at Union Station Yoga

To book contact me or Catie directly. 3 spots left

Facebook event

In this workshop Catie and I will break down the 3 basic inversions: headstands, forearm stand and handstand. We will then address how to implement a backbend while holding an inversion.

Universal Yoga class & Nutritional talk:

“The power of plants & their role in metabolic function”

Sat 9th of June 13:00-15:00 in Liverpool


This event organised by Healthy Souls Social will give participants the opportunity to practice yoga & learn about the power plants have, particularly in regards to our metabolic function.

Ice Baths and Breath Control – An Intro to the Wim Hof Method


Sat 16th of June 12:00-17:00 at Forma Gymnastic Bodies UK (Gloucester)


We will take a look at the science behind the technique; an introduction to and plenty of practice of the breathing techniques; a movement session including yoga and of course the Ice Baths (2 sessions each).

“Cold As Ice” (together with Marcus Veda)

Sat 23rd of June 13:00-18:00 at Triyoga Camden


Yoga versus the Ice Man. A 5 hour immersion workshop combining the special breathing techniques of Wim Hof (aka “Ice Man”) with a cold training experience and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. This is NOT hot yoga!

A few testimonials

Gialuca Bregoli (Feb 18)

“A particularly useful workshop in relation to the importance of nose breathing and the differences with mouth breathing. I was impressed by the passion that Anastasis and Ana have for the topic and how keen they are to apply it to their Yoga and Pilates teaching.”

Adam Burgess | U23 World Champion in Galasport G1 (August 17)

“I really enjoyed the Handstand and Wim Hof breathing workshop. I learnt how to press into a handstand. And I managed to hold my breath for longer than before – so I was really excited by that. Definitely recommend the workshop.”

Pete Galliott | BBJ Blue belt UK National champion (July 17)

“What I really found great is how I learned to stay calm in the ice bath. I think anyone like myself that struggles with the cold, can benefit from this. Great also for burning body fat, increasing your metabolism.”

Melanie Hamilton | Actress (May 17)

“An amazing workshop. It helped us, in just a few hours, to understand a little about the power of the breath and cold water to fire up the metabolism, increase mitochondria, brown fat and regulate hormones. This was all testament to the structure of the course and your delivery. If someone told me I’d ever agree to sit submerged in an ice bath for 2 minutes I’d have laughed and it’s thanks to your encouragement and mentoring that I achieved it!”

Previous workshops

A couple of more testinomials

Steve Fanus (Jan 18)

“The breathing workshop was a really good experience. Things were explained clearly and it was easy to understand how breathing impacts all aspects of the human body. This workshop will be hugely beneficial to those who find themselves in stressful environments.”