Anastasis aspires to help his students develop their physical practice and breathing capacity in a safe and progressive way. The impact of this is a profound increase in energy levels, emotional stability and a focused mind. On the physical aspect, Anastasis places a strong emphasis on fundamental movements which build a strong foundation, allowing for his students to advance their practice in a safe and predictable way.

Private sessions

Private sessions are available for serious students: from beginners to advanced practitioners. Private classes are usually from 60-90 minutes and serve to condition and educate the student. Anastasis teaches yoga, pilates (mat & reformer) and tailors the class to the students’ goals and needs.

Please contact him directly using the contact form here to confirm availability.

Public Classes

Anastasis currently teaches 4 public classes:

Monday 16:30-17:45 AcroYoga at Triyoga Soho

Wednesday 11:45-12:30 Vinyasa 19:30-20:15 & Pranayama at Light Centre Moorgate

Thursday 12:00-12:45 Vinyasa at Light Centre Monument