Anastasis aspires to help his students develop their physical practice and breathing capacity in a safe and progressive way. The impact of this is a profound increase in energy levels, emotional stability and a focused mind. On the physical aspect, Anastasis places a strong emphasis on fundamental movements which build a strong foundation, allowing for his students to advance their practice in a safe and predictable way.


Private sessions are available for students of all levels. They can be structured to improve a specific area of your practice (ie. improve flexibility, recover form an injury by strengthening the joint, learn freestanding handstand) or develop your practice holistically. Anastasis is also a pilates (mat & reformer) teacher and tailors the class to the students’ goals and needs. If you want to book a class please send me a message with your goals and availability (ie. days/times/location).

Ad hoc bookings: £85 (1 hour)
Block of 0f 10: £750


Wednesday 11:45-12:30 Vinyasa at Light Centre Moorgate
Thursday 12:00-12:45 Vinyasa at Light Centre Monument


sTudENTS I worked with

Rebeca  | Marketing Manager (Dec 15)

“My fiancé and I had both only had a couple of yoga classes before starting regular classes with Anastasis. He was clearly a very skilled yoga teacher and we liked that he also seemed strong and knowledgeable in other forms of exercise. We have now had around 12 one hour private sessions with Anastasis and we both really enjoy them and feel we have noticeably improved. Anastasis is a very patient and flexible teacher yet he moves the classes along at a good pace so that we always feel we are learning something new and challenging ourselves. We lead a very busy lifestyle and our sessions with Anastasis help us to clear our minds and feel relaxed. I would highly recommend him as a yoga teacher.”